About Us

Innograph Inc. has been an industry innovator and pioneer since it's inception in 1984.

Before the onset of the current digital invasion, we were working with 3M films, wrapping vehicles, wrapping buildings, as well as supplying the more intricate, detailed projects our clients entrusted us with.

During this time, we greatly anticipated the availability of full colour imaging capabilities that we could see around the corner.

Because of this, in 1993, while it was still in it's prototyping stage, we installed the very first 3M Scotchprint System in Canada. We became the first bureau centre in the nation for what is still, today, the best imaging product you can buy for outdoor durability and quality.

Since then, the original colour system has been replaced and up-graded on an on-going basis, and other equipment has been added to enable large-format inkjet and laminating capabilities.

Our knowledgeable staff offers decades of industry experience and advice that is an asset to any program. Our expertise is called on regularly by industry peer's for program specifications, advice and trouble-shooting.

Many of our programs are case studies on the 3M Canada website for 3M Scotchprint Graphics.

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